Create a clear, consistent brand for your website from day 1.

You will learn to:
✔ Create your color palette ideas.
✔ Pick out cute matching fonts.

Create a brand guide directly in Canva, so it is set up for ALL your business projects. (You can use Google sheets or Powerpoint)

✔ Create a downloadable brand guide

✔ Create your brand voice guide & tone guide

All are downloadable so you can refer to them time and time again, and share with other team members, when you scale.

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Feel confident that your brand is consisent - from the beginning.

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    Helen Nuttall

    Copywriter, Web Developer - Branding Expert

    Who am I?

    I'm Helen


    There's nothing more exciting for me, than helping inspiring copywriters like you THRIVE!

    What you will get

    • FREE Example brand guide template
    • 2 FREE step-by-step training videos
    • Downloadable PDFs for creating your USP, brand voice and creating your brand's tone guide.